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Apartment hunting can be both fun and challenging! Finding an apartment that’s affordable, in a good location and up to your living standards are just the first things you need to worry about when choosing the perfect apartment. Whether you’re a first-time apartment renter, or you’ve been in the game for a while, you’ll want to ask some important questions before you sign a lease and collect your keys. We’ve put together the top twelve questions renters should ask property managers BEFORE signing a lease.

What are the lease terms?

Park at Palmer offers leases that range from 3-13 months. Each lease term within this range is determined by the future resident. We want to give you the flexibility to choose the time-specific time frame that you need.

What does it cost to move in?

The overall move-in cost can vary depending on the application process. At the time of move-in, each new resident will be given a full, and complete breakdown of the specific move-in costs. Park at Palmer frequently offers different specials and those can affect move-in costs as well.

Are utilities included in the cost?

The base rent at Park at Palmer does not include the overall utility cost. Utilities can vary based upon community usage, apartment size, and the number of occupants. As move-in costs and lease details become more finalized, it will be easier to predict the specific utility costs.

What's your pet policy?

At Park at Palmer, there is no weight limit for pets, however, breed restrictions do apply. The price breakdown is $250 Pet Fee $250 Pet Deposit, $35/per pet.

How about your guest policy?

At Park at Palmer we welcome residents to invite guests over. Guests can stay for less than 14 consecutive days. If the length of the stay exceeds this amount, then the guest will need to be added as an occupant to the lease.

Do you require apartment renters insurance?

Park at Palmer does require renters insurance, and verification will be needed at move-in time.

How do I pay the rent?

There are many ways that you can pay your Park at Palmer rent. It can be paid in the office with a check, cashier’s check, or money order. The quickest, and easiest way to pay is online with a credit or debit card.

How are repairs taken care of, especially in an emergency?

Taking care of our residents at Park at Palmer is a big priority, and repairs are at the top of our list. If an emergency arises, please immediately contact the on-call maintenance, and our team will rapidly be sent to your apartment home.

How often does rent go up? By how much?

The cost of your rent is fixed when you sign the lease. Before the lease expires, Park at Palmer will evaluate the market activity, and you are subject to a rent increase.

What is the parking situation?

Living at Park at Palmer gives all residents the opportunity to park in open off-street parking.

Are there plans to update the building?

At the moment, Park at Palmer is renovating the community amenities and the individual apartment homes. Keep your eyes open for our new added details, and monthly specials!

Is there a penalty for breaking my lease?

If you have any questions about breaking a lease, please contact the Park at Palmer Apartment office.

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